The last few days, this hymn has been stuck in my head.  It’s a bad case of last song syndrome, that I couldn’t seem to shake off.

It started on Friday on my way to work, when my Spotify-created playlist played this song I haven’t heard in so long.  The arrangement for the introduction wasn’t familiar so it didn’t dawn on me what this song was; then it clicked. Tears started streaming down my cheeks, uncontrollably, as I tried to contain myself. I couldn’t let my Grab driver think I was going through something 😛

Then I heard this song again this morning sung in church.  I knew it wasn’t a coincidence, and I knew God had His reasons for reminding me of this song.  I tried to realign my heart and mind with His. I wanted to understand really what it was He was trying to say, and I believe these are His words that He had impressed on my heart, through the lyrics of the hymn:

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

  1. Turn your eyes upon Jesus – I need to turn my eyes to Jesus, all day, every day.  No matter the circumstance, no matter the occasion.
  2. Look full in His wonderful face – I need to be consistently intentional in focusing at Him. He is wonderful. He is beautiful.  Who wouldn’t want to look at that beauty always?
  3. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim – The earthly glitz and glamour, my prized possessions here on Earth will lose their sparkle compared to Him.
  4. In the light of His glory and grace – Jesus is my reward. He is all I need to aim for and focus on.

It’s so easy to lose sight of what matters the most. It’s so easy to drown in the stresses of the world. The push and pull of the demands I face can easily distract me from looking to Jesus.  The sparkle of the rewards I can get now can fulfill the desires of my heart, should I let them.  Of course, it would all be easy and immediate. Looking to Jesus would always be difficult.  Looking at Him 24/7, unwavering, is impossible.  Habits are not formed overnight.  It takes consistency and practice to transform something from being a mere action into a routine and ultimately a habit. But His grace is sufficient. He gives me the power to do so.  And I pray that you trust that He can work in and through you, too.

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